We know that much of the work of social justice philanthropy extends beyond the grant cycle—from working with other funders to mobilize more resources for front-line organizations advancing social movements, to enhancing grantmaking processes, etc. As you engage in this work, we invite you to apply the values, competencies, and inquiry process to all aspects of your philanthropic practice.

We hope that this framework for social justice philanthropy has provided you with clarity about how to strengthen the quality and quantity of grantmaking toward equity and justice. Please use this as a map and inspiration for continual inquiry not just for your own philanthropic practice, but for that of your organization and the broader field. At times, this will require you to follow instead of lead, to echo instead of espouse, to fund the unglamorous yet necessary. This is what it will take to really form a choir of social justice funders whose collective voices can support the structural change needed for a more just world.

As you work to embody values, deepen competencies and hone your social justice philanthropy praxis, we welcome your voice in singing in harmony with movements and other justice funders. As this is an evolving praxis that will become richer with improvisation, please let us know what refrain has worked for you and what new melodies you create:

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