Just Transition Integrated Capital Fund

A new model for philanthropy, the Just Transition Integrated Capital Fund offers foundations a learning vehicle to move endowed assets to BIPOC and working class controlled funds and grassroots projects through non-extractive financing in the form of 0% loans and catalytic grants.

The Just Transition Integrated Capital Fund (JTIC Fund) operationalizes the Just Transition Investment Framework in the form of a democratically controlled integrated capital fund governed by five democratically controlled investment funds stewarded by movement partners.

The guiding values of the JTIC Fund are local community control, non-extractive finance and right relationships, rematriation, and reparations.

Download the JTIC Fund Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Our IPS serves as an open-source learning tool for democratically controlled investment funds and philanthropic institutions exploring how to define their investment policies, including the reimagining of: returns, financial and social impact, risk mitigation, and fiduciary responsibilities for trustees and investment committee members.

“We are community owned and democratically controlled. We are shifting power and wealth back to its rightful place.

We are committed to working with foundations and communities to create a Just Transition in philanthropy where BIPOC and working class communities feel supported, safe, and resourced.

We envision a future where all philanthropic wealth is redistributed back to the communities from where that wealth was extracted and all people have the opportunity to thrive.”

The JTIC Fund was recently selected as one of The Transformative 25 funds changing the world and the financial landscape in 2024!