Justice Funders is a partner and guide for philanthropy in re-imagining practices that advance a thriving and just world. Justice Funders is a national outgrowth of local work tested and incubated in the Bay Area Justice Funders Network. Read more about our expansion here


A new blog series curated by Justice Funders re-imagines a new kind of philanthropy that redistributes wealth, democratizes power and shifts economic control to communities. Read the opening post by Executive Director Dana Kawaoka-Chen, Invitation to Liberate Philanthropy: Kodomo no tame ni (for the sake of our children).                                                                                       
And to understand the laws and practices that have led the modern field of philanthropy to perpetuate the systemic inequalities it was established to combat, check out Stifled Generosity: How Philanthropy has Fueled the Accumulation and Privatization of Wealth.


ICYMI: Recordings from State of the Movement: Funders and Frontlines Building Community Power - Jaron Browne  (Grassroots Global Justice), Joe Sciortino (Schmidt Family Foundation /11th Hour Project), Mateo Nube (Movement Generation), Cuong Hoang (Chorus Foundation), Aparna Shah & Virginia Mosqueda (Mobilize the Immigrant Vote & the James Irvine Foundation), Kimi Lee (Bay Rising), Fred Blackwell (The San Francisco Foundation).

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