“Working with Justice Funders has enabled us to deepen our leadership development offerings and move further in our commitment to elevating equity and justice in philanthropy.” - Kathy Sessions, Executive Director, Health and Environmental Funders Network

Coaching & Consulting

Justice Funders guides and supports philanthropic institutions in aligning practices with social justice values.

In addition to our programmatic offerings, Justice Funders provides customized consulting services for philanthropic institutions wanting to shift toward regenerative practices.

Our consulting services are targeted to organizations that are inspired to pursue significant change towards a Just Transition for philanthropy. We provide workshops and trainings based on Justice Funder’s frameworks; accompaniment services including coaching, advising, and mentoring; as well as process design and facilitation for organizational change efforts to embed social justice and racial justice values into all aspects of an organization’s work.

The defining features of Justice Funder’s consulting approach are:

  • Aligning organizational values to philanthropic practice
  • Applying a holistic systems lens such that personal, interpersonal, organizational and field-level change are interconnected and addressed
  • Centering relationships through an iterative process of learning, accountability and action
  • Understanding that conflict literacy is a ground condition for change management and values alignment
  • Grounded in the vision of a new paradigm for philanthropic practice as articulated in the Resonance Framework
  • Facilitative and participatory in nature, and based in adult learning theory

We prefer to engage in long-term relationships with clients to help them achieve substantive change. Thus our consulting practice is currently full with renewing and/or ongoing clients. We will be able to consider new clients in 2021. Due to COVID-19, currently, all of our consulting is delivered in an online format with an inquiry-based approach.

"Rachel helped me clarify by own goals. These conversations helped me understand how to approach each challenge in a way that was best for both the organization and for the organization's grantees and beneficiaries. Her questions helped me understand and see the impacts of everyone's choices." -David Gordon, Co-Director of Programs, International Rivers, former Executive Director of The Goldman Environmental Foundation

We bring coaching methods to all of our engagements, designing processes for inclusive participation, critical reflection and learning, and effective collaboration. We approach each engagement first with deep listening skills to be able to develop a project design that is customized, flexible, and appropriate. Based on what we decide, we may use a variety of facilitation, research and assessment methods.

Justice Funders is known for being able to meet clients “where they are” – our trainers and consultants are equally able to support foundations making their first foray into equity work as those on the leading edge of experimentation. Justice Funders’ focus on tangible, specific action makes big changes feel both inspiring and possible. We are also known for dynamic and interactive meetings that greatly prioritize inquiry over didactic approaches.

Past & current clients include:

  • Access Strategies Fund
  • Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy
  • California Foodshed Funders
  • California Wellness Foundation
  • CARESTAR Foundation
  • Chorus Foundation
  • Compton Foundation
  • Connecticut Council for Philanthropy
  • East Bay Community Foundation
  • Environmental Grantmakers Association
  • Food and Farm Communications Fund
  • Four Freedoms Fund
  • Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation
  • Health and Environment Funders Network
  • Humanity United
  • International Funders for Indigenous Peoples
  • Latino Community Foundation
  • Meyer Memorial Trust
  • Neighborhood Funders Group
  • Northern California Grantmakers
  • Patagonia
  • Peter Kiewet Foundation and the Sherwood Foundation
  • ReWork the Bay
  • Richmond Funders Forum
  • Swift Foundation
  • The California Endowment
  • The San Francisco Foundation
  • Women’s Foundation of Oregon