Liberatory Governance Community of Practice

A Community of Practice to Democratize Power to Advance a Thriving & Just World

The community of practice “is an invitation to sit with the contradictions and misalignment between the world our hearts envision and the world our behaviors create.”

– Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano, Justice Funders Co-Executive Director

Justice Funders is a partner and guide for philanthropy in reimagining practices that advance a thriving and just world. We believe that to be effective, institutional philanthropy cannot be constrained by practices that uphold the accumulation of wealth and power or perpetuate systemic social and economic inequality. We are guided by the Just Transition framework and principles. Responding to the needs of both movements and the philanthropic sector, we support individual, organizational, and field-wide transformation in service to this vision.

This community of practice is an opportunity for mid-level program staff, senior staff, and board members working within philanthropic institutions, in  roles where they have influence to shape organizational culture and practices, to explore a new model for thinking about governance, leadership, and power.

Through six bi-monthly three-hour virtual sessions and 1-1 coaching between May 2024 – March 2025, participants will be invited to reflect on their relationship with power and how they use it in their organization.

Participants will identify pathways to change, and engage with tools to re-imagine how they govern themselves and the resources they are holding. Throughout the process, participants will identify and implement actions tailored to their roles to shift organizational practices and democratize power to cultivate the practices and conditions to actualize the world we envision aligned with the Just Transition.

Our dynamic curriculum is aligned with Justice Funders’ updated framework for philanthropic transformation, Resonance: How Philanthropy Redistributes Wealth, Democratizes Power, and Shifts Economic Control and grounded in the (Re) Generative Leadership Framework.

The community of practice is delivered virtually through Zoom.