Redistribute Wealth, Democratize Power & Shift Economic Control

Introducing Resonance 2nd Edition, a Just Transition guide for philanthropic transformation.

We’ve learned so much over the last five years since Resonance: A Framework for Philanthropic Transformation was first released in 2019.

As a species, we have to reckon with the fact that extractive systems are causing planetary collapse, which is being accelerated by philanthropy. Philanthropy is a product of the extractive systems of white supremacy, racial capitalism, colonialism, and hetero-patriarchy.

While we have inherited these systems and interlocking crises, we also have the agency to choose what kind of legacy we leave behind for those who follow.

Resonance 2nd Edition begins by translating the Just Transition Framework for philanthropic audiences. Social movement leaders working for racial, economic, and social justice have often felt challenged by funders who don’t understand, let alone share the analysis that groups on the ground are leading with. We offer a historical review of how the field of philanthropy arrived at where we are today. In Section Two, we offer the updated framework that centers on strategic questions, utilizing appreciative inquiry to guide philanthropic institutions in developing more restorative practices. Lastly, we include stories of funders taking bold acts of solidarity in Section Three.

Download Resonance 2nd Edition.