Shifting Capital and Power to Build the Regenerative Economy

Introducing the Just Transition Investment Framework

In 2020, philanthropic institutions in the U.S contributed over 13 times the amount of money to extractive global stock markets as they did to all of their grantmaking focus areas (Source: Climate Justice Alliance).

In response to this horrific imbalance of capital allocation in philanthropy, movement and philanthropic leaders came together to develop a Just Transition Investment Framework that offers a strategy for how philanthropies can shift capital and power to frontline BIPOC communities who are building local regenerative economies.

A Just Transition investment strategy requires philanthropic assets to be divested from the dominant financial system and instead redirected into movement-led, community-controlled institutions that build economic power and self-determination.

Informed by community leaders using finance as a tool to build local regenerative economies and philanthropic partners who have redirected their assets away from the extractive economy to support this critical work, the Just Transition Investment Framework explores HOW philanthropic wealth should be invested and WHO should control it.

Download the Just Transition Investment Framework
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