From Crisis Comes Opportunity: Re-imagining Our Economic Systems

COVID-19: An unprecedented crisis calls for unprecedented actions from philanthropists and impact investors to remake our economy.

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An unprecedented crisis calls for us to throw out the rulebook and prioritize structural solutions that will build resilient economies at large. The breadth of COVID-19 impacts has brought to light age-old inequities — spotlighting the fact that our economic systems are unprepared to manage the immense fallout of this crisis.

While immediate priority is to contain coronavirus, curb the spread and save lives; we must in tandem think about the long road ahead, and those who can afford to plan for the future should start now.

“Profound upheavals like the one we are experiencing now also create unprecedented opportunities to remedy distortions in the eco-economic system – imbalances that have fueled rising wealth and income inequality.” – Patricia Sabga, Al Jazeera News

On this panel with leaders in philanthropy and impact investing, we center our discussion around questions such as: How do we build resilient economic systems that can weather a crisis like the COVID-19? How can leaders in philanthropy and impact investing support new visions for how our economies operate? How can funders rise to the occasion of funding COVID-19 response and recovery efforts as well as leveraging these learnings to inform long-term rebuilding efforts?

Hear from leaders in the philanthropic and impact investing sector about bold new initiatives that have the potential to propel our economies toward a more equitable and just future.


  • Nwamaka Agbo – Principal, Agbo Consulting
  • Rajasvini Bhansali – Executive Director, Solidaire Network
  • Antony Bugg-Levine – CEO, Nonprofit Finance Fund
  • Dana Kawaoka-Chen – Executive Director, Justice Funders
  • Rodney Foxworth – CEO, Common Future (Moderator)

We hope you can join us for this dynamic and timely conversation.

Date: March 31, 2020
Time: 1:00 - 2:00pm PT