Social Justice Giving Circle Project

It’s an honor to meet you.

You are here because someone we care about sees something in you.

And, this is our invitation: Join us and a cohort of others who have similarly found their way here, through a friend, as active and equal partners momentarily traveling together to find our place in world-shaping work.

In this time, when we’re so often only seen as individual donors, we’ll explore how we might show up with both more of us and more from us. And we’ll center the development of our relationship with social movements at their best and most powerful – movements where we find belonging and our best selves coming out in the world, and movements that grow to be both irresistible and irreversible in our lives.

Who You Are:

  • Curious, but maybe not yet entirely comfortable with your own relationship or role in social justice;
  • Exploring or engaging with a giving circle other collective action group, because of your desire to figure this out with others;
  • Open to finding a place in social justice movements, and maybe in the future, to helping others find a place;
  • You’re excited about the structure and dynamics of a cohort, where success is dependent on our collective participation, investment, and care for one another.

Who We Are: 

  • We are a project that came out of Philanthropy Together. Our past work includes research on giving circles’ relationships with social justice; on social justice movements’ relationships with middle-class donors; and convening movement leaders for conversation and inspiration. Today, we are housed at Justice Funders.
  • We’re doing this project because of what movements have meant to us; because of the beautiful ways that supporting people early in their political journeys transforms and grounds us, allowing us to bring our best selves to world-shaping work.
  • More specifically, we are Mario Lugay and Joelle Asaro Berman, project leads and cohort facilitators.

Our Time Together:

  • Four virtual sessions, 90 minutes each;
  • One-on-one calls with your facilitators.
  • And, whatever emerges from our time together.

Next steps:

You can fill out this form to share your interest in our next (or future) cohort (tbd). Please reach out to Mario (mario at or Joelle (joelle at to be in touch.