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Intro to Somatics of Money Workshop
Accountability Begins with Joy
Resonance Framework
Liberatory Governance
Fundamentals Trainings - Spring 2024
State of the Movement 2024: Navigating towards Redistribution & Regenerative Economies
Reimagining the IPS: A Conversation with Movement Partners on the JTIC Fund Investment Policy Statement
Just Transition Integrated Capital Fund
Social Justice Giving Circle Project: Intimacy & A Desire for Collective Action
Just Transition Investment Framework
State of the Movement 2023: Shifting Capital and Power to Build the Regenerative Economy
Jobs at Justice Funders
Giving Shuumi Part 2: Exploring the Extractive Origins of Philanthropic Wealth and Moving Towards Repair
A Growing Number of Bay Area Foundations Are Paying “Land Taxes” to Native Peoples
Launching Just Transition Investment Community (JTIC)
Just Transition Investment Community
Network Events
Indigenous Honor & Land Taxes for Foundations
Just Transition in Richmond: Resist, Rethink, Restructure
Activating Grants and Investments to Fund Solidarity Economies
Justice Funders is now a worker self-directed 501(c)3 organization!
Giving Shuumi: Philanthropy’s Role in Redistributing Wealth & Supporting the Return of Indigenous Land
Justice Funders is Hiring - Join Our Team
Movement Commons Culture & Collective Action Lab
Community and Funder Collaborations
Justice Funders is Expanding Our Team
Justice Funders is Hiring: Join Our Team!
Resourcing Strategies to Dismantle White Supremacy and Invest in the Regenerative Economy: Learnings from the Maestra cohort
Putting Resonance into Practice: Learnings from the Maestra cohort
Justice Funders is hiring: Join Our Team!
Justice Funders is hiring a Development & Communications Director
Philanthropy's Visionary Response to COVID-19: Accelerating a Just Transition in a Moment of Crisis
From Crisis Comes Opportunity: Re-imagining Our Economic Systems
Philanthropic Repression: Silencing the Voices that Condemn Hate
State of the Movement 2020: Visionary strategies to build a regenerative economy
Foundation Endowments...Activate!: Aligning Investment Strategy with Social Justice Values
Funder Briefing: Protecting the Right to Protest
Equity and Justice in Philanthropy: Values in Action
Introducing the inaugural cohort of Harmony Initiative - East!
Meet the pilot cohort of Maestra
Building to Win: A Funder Workshop on 501(c)(4) Infrastructure for Our Movements
A Just Transition for Philanthropy: Regenerative relationships between grantees & funders
Guiding Values for Justice Funders
Justice Funders is Hiring a Program Director - Harmony Initiative
Where to Begin?
Evaluation & Learning
Award & Implementation
Making the Case
Due Diligence
Outreach & Application
Strategy Development
Grant Cycle
Competencies for Justice Funders
Stifled Generosity
State of the Movement 2019: Deepening our shared practice towards a Just Transition
The People's Solutions Lens for Philathropy
Justice Funders is Hiring an Innovation Manager
Decolonizing Wealth: A Conversation with Edgar Villanueva & Courtney E. Martin
The Underpinning Stories: Climate & Innovation
Meet the Harmony Initiative Class of 2018-2019!
Join the Justice Funders delegation for the BALLE Shift Capital Summit
Solidarity to Solutions (Sol2Sol) Week of Action
State of the Movement: Funders and Frontlines Building Community Power
2018 Affinity Equity Summit and Solidarity, Defense & Action Funder Briefing
Justice Funders is hiring a Consulting Director
Justice Funders launches Liberate Philanthropy and Stifled Generosity
Funding Movement Building
Invitation to Liberate Philanthropy: Kodomo no tame ni (for the sake of our children)
Media Archive
Liberate Philanthropy
Choir Book
Culture & Collective Action Lab
Harmony Initiative
Thought Leadership
Bay Area Justice Funders Network becomes Justice Funders: Powering Philanthropic Transformation
People Powered Philanthropy
Turning Over Every Rock In the Outreach Process
Reflecting a Funder’s Values Through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Practices
Transition: An Opportunity to Incorporate Values-Based Grantmaking
Breaking Bad Philanthropic Habits: Disrupting 3 Habits that Prevent Equity
Breaking Bad Philanthropic Habits: How funders can take action in trying times
What is a justice funder? Could it possibly be me?
A Decade After Katrina, Can Philanthropy Make Black Lives Matter?
Year 1: Spiritual Survival as a Funder
Taking on Wedge Politics
What Funders Can Learn from Beyonce
Planting Seeds
Grantmaking as an Ally
So You Want to Be a "Radical" Philanthropist?
Learning From Lia's Legacy
Justice Is A Verb
Nurturing the Seed of Systemic Change
Embodying Justice
Justice Funders Are Ethical Leaders
What is a Justice Funder? You know it when you feel it.
Organizing Within Philanthropy
The F-word: tackling the issue that keeps social justice leaders up at night
The Flow of Excellence
Skinned Knees: Practicing Social Justice Funding
Re-Defining What it Means to be a Justice Funder
Increasing Participation, Diversity and Leadership in Philanthropy
Who Wins? Who Loses? Who Decides?
Funding Social Justice – An Opportunity and a Responsibility
Top 10 on Capacity Building & Integrated Voter Engagement
Better and Stronger Together: A Conversation About Being Justice Funders
No More Fake Funder Budgets!
Two Elements of Justice Funding
Towards a Beloved Community
Four Suggestions for Social Justice Funders
What is a Justice Funder?