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Reimagining the IPS: A Conversation with Movement Partners on the JTIC Fund Investment Policy Statement
Just Transition Integrated Capital Fund
Social Justice Giving Circle Project: Intimacy & A Desire for Collective Action
Just Transition Investment Framework
State of the Movement 2023: Shifting Capital and Power to Build the Regenerative Economy
Jobs at Justice Funders
Giving Shuumi Part 2: Exploring the Extractive Origins of Philanthropic Wealth and Moving Towards Repair
A Growing Number of Bay Area Foundations Are Paying “Land Taxes” to Native Peoples
Launching Just Transition Investment Community (JTIC)
Just Transition Investment Community
Network Events
Shuumi Land Tax for Foundations
Just Transition in Richmond: Resist, Rethink, Restructure
Activating Grants and Investments to Fund Solidarity Economies
Justice Funders is now a worker self-directed 501(c)3 organization!
Giving Shuumi: Philanthropy’s Role in Redistributing Wealth & Supporting the Return of Indigenous Land
Justice Funders is Hiring - Join Our Team
Movement Commons Culture & Collective Action Lab
Community and Funder Collaborations
Justice Funders is Expanding Our Team
Justice Funders is Hiring: Join Our Team!
Resourcing Strategies to Dismantle White Supremacy and Invest in the Regenerative Economy: Learnings from the Maestra cohort
Putting Resonance into Practice: Learnings from the Maestra cohort
Justice Funders is hiring: Join Our Team!
Justice Funders is hiring a Development & Communications Director
Philanthropy's Visionary Response to COVID-19: Accelerating a Just Transition in a Moment of Crisis
From Crisis Comes Opportunity: Re-imagining Our Economic Systems
Philanthropic Repression: Silencing the Voices that Condemn Hate
State of the Movement 2020: Visionary strategies to build a regenerative economy
Foundation Endowments...Activate!: Aligning Investment Strategy with Social Justice Values
Funder Briefing: Protecting the Right to Protest
Equity and Justice in Philanthropy: Values in Action
Introducing the inaugural cohort of Harmony Initiative - East!
Meet the pilot cohort of Maestra
Building to Win: A Funder Workshop on 501(c)(4) Infrastructure for Our Movements
A Just Transition for Philanthropy: Regenerative relationships between grantees & funders
Guiding Values for Justice Funders
Justice Funders is Hiring a Program Director - Harmony Initiative
Where to Begin?
Evaluation & Learning
Award & Implementation
Making the Case
Due Diligence
Outreach & Application
Strategy Development
Grant Cycle
Competencies for Justice Funders
Overview of the Framework
Call to Action
Stories of Regenerative Philanthropy
Spectrum of Extractive to Restorative to Regenerative Philanthropy
Guiding Values & Principles
A New Vision For Philanthropy
Stifled Generosity
How Did We Get Here?
Executive Summary
Resonance: A Framework for Philanthropic Transformation
State of the Movement 2019: Deepening our shared practice towards a Just Transition
The People's Solutions Lens for Philathropy
Justice Funders is Hiring an Innovation Manager
Decolonizing Wealth: A Conversation with Edgar Villanueva & Courtney E. Martin
The Underpinning Stories: Climate & Innovation
Meet the Harmony Initiative Class of 2018-2019!
Join the Justice Funders delegation for the BALLE Shift Capital Summit
Solidarity to Solutions (Sol2Sol) Week of Action
State of the Movement: Funders and Frontlines Building Community Power
2018 Affinity Equity Summit and Solidarity, Defense & Action Funder Briefing
Justice Funders is hiring a Consulting Director
Justice Funders launches Liberate Philanthropy and Stifled Generosity
Funding Movement Building
Invitation to Liberate Philanthropy: Kodomo no tame ni (for the sake of our children)
Media Archive
Liberate Philanthropy
Stifled Generosity: How Philanthropy has Fueled the Accumulation and Privatization of Wealth
Choir Book
Culture & Collective Action Lab
Harmony Initiative
Leadership Development
Thought Leadership
Bay Area Justice Funders Network becomes Justice Funders: Powering Philanthropic Transformation
People Powered Philanthropy
Turning Over Every Rock In the Outreach Process
Reflecting a Funder’s Values Through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Practices
Transition: An Opportunity to Incorporate Values-Based Grantmaking
Breaking Bad Philanthropic Habits: Disrupting 3 Habits that Prevent Equity
Breaking Bad Philanthropic Habits: How funders can take action in trying times
What is a justice funder? Could it possibly be me?
A Decade After Katrina, Can Philanthropy Make Black Lives Matter?
Year 1: Spiritual Survival as a Funder
Taking on Wedge Politics
What Funders Can Learn from Beyonce
Planting Seeds
Grantmaking as an Ally
So You Want to Be a "Radical" Philanthropist?
Learning From Lia's Legacy
Justice Is A Verb
Nurturing the Seed of Systemic Change
Embodying Justice
Justice Funders Are Ethical Leaders
What is a Justice Funder? You know it when you feel it.
Organizing Within Philanthropy
The F-word: tackling the issue that keeps social justice leaders up at night
The Flow of Excellence
Skinned Knees: Practicing Social Justice Funding
Re-Defining What it Means to be a Justice Funder
Increasing Participation, Diversity and Leadership in Philanthropy
Who Wins? Who Loses? Who Decides?
Funding Social Justice – An Opportunity and a Responsibility
Top 10 on Capacity Building & Integrated Voter Engagement
Better and Stronger Together: A Conversation About Being Justice Funders
No More Fake Funder Budgets!
Two Elements of Justice Funding
Towards a Beloved Community
Four Suggestions for Social Justice Funders
What is a Justice Funder?