Putting Resonance into Practice: Learnings from the Maestra cohort

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This is a 3-part series of online workshops taking place June – August, 2020. Register here by Friday, July 19th. 

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, philanthropy is faced with an increased sense of urgency to make the radical changes necessary to redistribute wealth, democratize power and shift economic control to communities in order to actualize a just, regenerative economy.

For funders who have embraced a vision of a Just Transition for Philanthropy but have yet to operationalize its practices, what are the concrete action steps that can be taken to move away from extraction and exploitation toward regeneration and the redistribution of wealth and power?

Justice Funders is excited to present a series of online workshops to support our members and larger philanthropic community in putting the Resonance Framework into practice, and to keep pushing the edges of philanthropy to be as bold and relentless as our movements need us to be in these turbulent times.

This series is structured to engage participants in active discussion, breakout groups and self-directed exercises in-between workshops. This will not be a typical “webinar”program.

In this series, participants will…

This webinar series is for philanthropic leaders who…

As a participant, your readiness and willingness to operationalize a Just Transition for Philanthropy matter more than your “starting point” along the Resonance framework or your role in your institution. For example…

While participants need not commit to further Justice Funders programming, this webinar series will cover introductory aspects of the Maestra program in the hopes that participants will be inspired to join future cohorts.  If possible, we encourage you to participate in the series with a colleague from your institution or your community with whom you can learn alongside.

Sliding scale pricing:

Dates & times*:

*Please note that participants are asked to commit to attending all of the above 3 sessions. 

Register here.  Deadline to register is Friday, July 19th.