Meet the Harmony Initiative Class of 2018-2019!

By Justice FundersPosted under Announcements

Please join us in warmly welcoming the fourth cohort of the Harmony Initiative – a powerful community of grantmakers who are on their way to becoming a true force for equity and justice within the field of philanthropy!

Ain Bailey
Associate Initiative Officer – Great Communities Collaborative, The San Francisco Foundation

Aldita Gallardo
Program Associate, Borealis Philanthropy

Alicia Harris
Program Officer, Grove Foundation

Angie Chen
Senior Program Officer, The Libra Foundation

Bailey Malone
Executive Director, CS Fund

Cecilia Chen
Policy Director, Northern California Grantmakers

David Kim
Program Associate, The San Francisco Foundation

Demitrius Burnett
Program Officer, The San Francisco Foundation

Janeen Mendoza Cruz
Education Program Officer, Tipping Point Community

Jasmine Jones
Program Associate, The San Francisco Foundation

Kana Hammon
Executive Director, YCore

Kara Dukakis
Senior Program Officer, Early Childhood, Tipping Point Community

Lindsie Bear
Program Director, Native Cultures Fund, Humboldt Area Foundation

Meaghan Calcari Campbell
Program Officer, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Rob Hope
Initiative Officer, Bay Area Workforce Funders Collaborative

Vanessa Camarena-Arredondo
Program Officer, Akonadi Foundation