Intro to Somatics of Money Workshop
Accountability Begins with Joy
Fundamentals Trainings
State of the Movement 2024: Navigating towards Redistribution & Regenerative Economies
Reimagining the IPS: A Conversation with Movement Partners on the JTIC Fund Investment Policy Statement
State of the Movement 2023: Shifting Capital and Power to Build the Regenerative Economy
Giving Shuumi Part 2: Exploring the Extractive Origins of Philanthropic Wealth and Moving Towards Repair
Just Transition in Richmond: Resist, Rethink, Restructure
Activating Grants and Investments to Fund Solidarity Economies
Giving Shuumi: Philanthropy’s Role in Redistributing Wealth & Supporting the Return of Indigenous Land
Philanthropy's Visionary Response to COVID-19: Accelerating a Just Transition in a Moment of Crisis
From Crisis Comes Opportunity: Re-imagining Our Economic Systems
Philanthropic Repression: Silencing the Voices that Condemn Hate
State of the Movement 2020: Visionary strategies to build a regenerative economy
Foundation Endowments...Activate!: Aligning Investment Strategy with Social Justice Values
Funder Briefing: Protecting the Right to Protest
Building to Win: A Funder Workshop on 501(c)(4) Infrastructure for Our Movements
A Just Transition for Philanthropy: Regenerative relationships between grantees & funders
State of the Movement 2019: Deepening our shared practice towards a Just Transition
Decolonizing Wealth: A Conversation with Edgar Villanueva & Courtney E. Martin
The Underpinning Stories: Climate & Innovation
State of the Movement: Funders and Frontlines Building Community Power
2018 Affinity Equity Summit and Solidarity, Defense & Action Funder Briefing