Solidarity to Solutions (Sol2Sol) Week of Action

By Justice FundersPosted under Announcements

In September, over 200 multiracial, multicultural and multigenerational groups from around the world will be mobilizing to the Bay Area for climate justice actions, collective learning, and building grassroots power.

Led by the It Takes Roots Alliance, the Solidarity to Solutions (Sol2Sol) Week of Action is a direct response to California Governor Jerry Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) – a convening of  elected officials, investors, business leaders, scientists and others who want to accelerate reductions in carbon emissions via market-driven schemes that enrich private pockets.

Now is the time to demand something different: frontline community-led solutions framed by the Just Transition vision that address the interlinked crises of climate, economy, and democracy.

At Justice Funders, we are guided by this vision of a Just Transition to build economic and political power to shift us from an extractive economy to a regenerative economy.

We are calling on all of our allies in philanthropy to mobilize for this historic week of action!

Of particular relevance to funders is the People’s Orientation to GCAS on September 11th and 12th. The People’s Orientation is specifically meant for a philanthropic audience to examine Just Transition strategies, healthy energy systems, equitable economies, and transformative climate investment. You can learn more in this letter from a group of funders who have been working with the It Takes Roots Alliance to organize this funder-specific event.

Funders are also welcome to join the Solidarity to Solutions (Sol2Sol) Summit on September 11th.

Please register for the People’s Orientation and RSVP for the Week of Action! You can also stay connected through the Sol2Sol Facebook event page.

And if you are inspired by this work, you can support the work of the It Takes Roots Alliance to ensure that this Week of Action is a success. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, contact Holly Baker, Funder Relations Organizer at Climate Justice Alliance at