Development without Displacement

April 11, 2014 9:00 AM | Dana Kawaoka-Chen (Administrator)
"Development without Displacement: Resistance against Gentrification in the Bay Area" by Causa Justa :: Just Cause is culmination of a year of work with the Alameda County Public Health Department, this report digs in to the root causes of gentrification and displacement and calls for urgent policy changes and using a different paradigm of human development. As tenants in both San Francisco and Oakland reel under the highest rents in the nation, new development and investment is causing tremendous market pressures destabilizing everything from housing to health to political power.

This report places gentrification on a historical timeline of racial, economic, and social discrimination, exacerbated by the progressive public disinvestment by government at all levels.

However, the present configuration of these historical trends revolves around the dramatic
increase in private financial investment in Bay Area real estate markets, the inflow of non-distributive
technology wealth held by a small labor force, and the continued disinvestment by government in public services and programs, whose model of development is often to invite more private investment.

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